Have you taken a stroll through the Cleveland Cultural Gardens?  Do you know they exist?

They were started in 1916 and are still maintained today.  They inhabit a 50-acre strip in Rockefeller Park, a 254-acre park created in 1896 on land donated to the city by John D. Rockerfeller.  The Gardens span from East to MLK Drives and from University Circle to Lake Erie.  Many of the Gardens were created as a part of the WPA in the 1930s.

The Cultural Gardens include sculptures, iron works, flowering landscapes and other depictions of any particular culture.  They are independently maintained by local cultural groups and collectively form the gardens.

Interested?  Please visit their website: www.culturalgardens.org

Every year somewhere around the spring solstice, store shelves fill up with neon colored, sugar coated lumps of …. sugar … affectionately known as Peeps.   Born in Bethelham, PA in 1953 Peeps have gained cult super-status throughout the world.  They are Easter basket treats, ingredients in fondue, baking and yes, even Pizza.  There is even a website dedicated to making “Peeps” sushi.  Love them or hate them … they’ve been around for over 50 years and they’ll likely be along for at least 50 more.

Chef Boyardee, in real life known as Hector Boiardi, opened his first
restaurant called “The Garden of Italy” at East 9th Street and
Woodland Avenue in 1926. He would often give his patrons samples of
his spaghetti sauce in old milk bottles.
Who would have thought that today we can get a can of Chef’s at any supermarket or bodega across the country and in many parts of the world!