The Downtown Location continues to host Acousitc Night in our PUB every Thursday night, starting around 8 or 9pm.  The venue is free of charge and there is no purchase necessary to see a performance.

The following is an excerpt taken from the Myspace page of  Acoustic Night performer, Brent Kirby.   See him live at the Pub inside Rascal House’s downtown location on Thursday September 30th, 2010

Brent Kirby is a night’s stroll with a rock n’ roll romantic. This does not mean Kirby’s merely a smitten troubadour, or a bard for the wayward but colorful life of musicians. Though his own songs bring up those immortal topics, Kirby’s romanticism is much bigger than that.

His songs start with the introspective stir of strum and voice, but not unlike his performances, gradually move outward, embrace the listener. There might be a melancholy shade to some of Kirby’s songs, but ultimately, they’re colored by faith, hope, and love. Those qualities are all in abundance on his solo record, Last Song On The Soundtrack. Last Song On The Soundtrack starts out with the laid back country-rock of “Silently Stepping Out”.

Kirby, having lived in places as varied as Chicago, Nashville, St. Louis, Milwaukee and Cleveland, has acquired a keen narrator’s eye. This optimistic ode might detail loneliness, but drummer JJ Juliano’s buoyant beat turns “Silently Stepping Out” into an anthem. Brent’s tells a honky-tonk tale of gigs upon gigs in “Dream The Night Away”, not as nightly grinds but as places where dreams really come to life in gritty color. “Lonesome Holiday” pays homage to Springsteen not merely in its arrangement, but also in its lyrical longing. Kirby’s “Truth Tonight” brings to mind “People Get Ready” and “Tupelo Honey” while adding the insistence of an uncertain lover. “Holding That’s Hard” showcases a bit of the rock he’s known for in the band he fronts, the Jack Fords; Al Moss’s distorted pedal steel sweeps through this jam like a long-lost Pink Floyd tune. This slow burner done, Kirby ends Last Song On The Soundtrack with the simply pretty “All I’ve Ever Wanted”. Tales are told, wishes are made, and when all’s said and done, “All I’ve Ever Wanted” lists the bounties of the soul. Not gold, not a “big ol’ chrome car to drive”, not fame, but the simple pleasure of deep and abiding companionship.

A similar emotion propels Kirby in a live setting as well. Solo, or with a band, he puts forth a heartfelt sincerity that’s been honed by countless gigs and a sheer desire for perfection.

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