A story posted on Ohio.com/Akron Beacon Journal on 12 October 2010 makes note of a new library policy to only keep 2 of each text book housed in the library – which means hundreds of books are being destroyed.  The reason sited is that there is no money to build additional housing for books and that online versions are available (which cost nothing to store).

Is this the middle of the end of the printed book?  Below you’ll find the article.

Lacking storage, Ohio tosses out college books

By Associated Press

POSTED: 08:50 a.m. EDT, Oct 12, 2010

COLUMBUS: Ohio is thinning out its collections of spillover books from 13 university libraries because warehouses are running out of room.

The state has five book depositories and doesn’t have the funds to build more. So librarians say their goal is to leave just two physical copies statewide of lesser-used academic books and journals.

A consortium that includes Ohio’s university libraries and the State Library of Ohio says hundreds of reference materials have already been donated or recycled.

Ohio State University history professor Kevin Boyle calls the policy catastrophic. He tells The Columbus Dispatch books are being lost for good.

The OhioLINK consortium maintains there’s less need for printed copies of works because electronic versions are available.


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