I had one of the best dinners of my life at Aquitaine  www.aquitaineboston.com - I had the scallops with basil/zucchini puree and they literally melted in my mouth – they were perfect. I  had a mean mint julep there, too.   The dessert menu has suggested wines paired with each item – and the person who made those decisions is truly gifted in the art of wine pairing.  THe bartender’s version of a New Amsterdam was very creative and also quite tasty!!  Having lived in Philadelphia and New York and experiencing trendy places as they opened and very well known places, it means a lot to say this was one of the best.

We had a late night dinner (about 10:30) and it was perfect.  I think we left around midnight.
After dinner we walked to the Beehive http://www.beehiveboston.com/ … again, delicious  and creative drinks and awesome live music.  You can also eat here, but we didn’t so I don’t have a review.  I actually only drank Canadian Club on the rocks here so I don’t really know what the drinks were like, but they looked very cool and the menu was diverse.

The swan boats are here:  http://www.swanboats.com/
I think it is a Boston “must see”.

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