A friend of mine was driving through Cleveland.  She has 2 kids, ages 5 & 3.  She had a meeting at Rainbow Babies and her husband was wondering what to do with the kids while she was busy …

The Natural History Museum is great – the neighborhood is gorgeous!  I am pretty sure it is free admission or donation only.

There is a little Children’s Museum very close to Rainbow.  It is teeny in comparison to COSI – but it has some fun things … also it doesn’t take long. After 2 or 3 hours the girls will be done.

The Great Lakes Science Center is a COSI type thing – not too far from Rainbow.  If you have a COSI membership, they are reciprocal.  There is a “Polymer House of Fun” or something like that that is just like a huge indoor playground…  lots of fun for the younger set … even my 8 year old loves it though!  Parking can be rough, but on a weekday I think it will be fine.  There is a deck and I think it is $6 or something during the day.

If they decide to go to the Science Center, they can walk along the water and  over to the lobby of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  There isn’t much that kids would love and is is UBER expensive – but the lobby is small enough to be a kind of neat attraction with guitars and a motorcycle and stuff.  If it is a nice day the walk is beautiful.  If anything, the Rock Museum is a really neatly shaped building and the kids are always in awe of it.  There is also a wind turbine out there that is cool to look at and talk about and stuff.

FYI:  There is construction on Euclid – I know the hospital is on Euclid, but traffic can be horrendous – probably best to avoid if possible.  (especially around Cleveland State – there is a lot of building work being done there and lanes are closed in addition to the corridor being built)

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