To meet Linda Hutchinson, one is immediately aware that her mind is whirling.  She studies your face intently, she listens closer than anyone I’ve known and she sees things that most people can’t, or choose not to see.  She is modest about her life, but confident in her profession:  she is an artist, a painter and she is my friend.

Linda is as eloquent with words as with a brush …

“My work has evolved into painting because of my own disappointment in words, which are often excessive, transitory and over- or under- loaded with meaning. I am intrigued by human behavior and seek to unearth that which lies beneath the surface, sometimes a sublime gesture, a memory, a visual metaphor… often contradictions, a truth for which there are no words.

I am searching for something soulful, something noble.”
So the question is:  What has evolved YOU?
What are YOU searching for?

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