I must admit, after living in New York City for many years, the site of a celebrity got pretty normal.  I’ve seen every from Beck to Lou Reed to Billy Crystal to Luis from Sesame Street out and about at the supermarket, in the park, or just walking down Avenue A.  I even had the great fortune to deliver a Mauviel Copper Pot set straight up to the assistant of Princess Diana of Wales in her room atop the Park Plaza bordering Central Park.

I’ve been void of the celeb factor for several years now, hunkering down here in Akron, Ohio raising a family and doing things “right”.  Coming from a punk-like background, having toured the country with so-so bands who play hard and “play” even harder , I have a “thing” for thing for that kinda scene – I miss that kind of life sometimes, and my imagination loves to put me back in the middle of it when I let it wander.

In the morning, every morning, after my dear husband goes off to work, I pack up the 5 year old and the 3 year old and we drive in the ol’ MV (that’s minivan to those who aren’t cool enough to know) to the local elementary school to resume his career as a second grader.  On the way, we see people in their cars, on the first leg of their morning commute, housewives dropping off kids, kids waiting for busses or sometimes, if we’re lucky, we see the early morning runners.  One such runner regularly catches my eye as he doesn’t appear to be the typical suited up, wearing $125 sneakers and a gym suit runner, he’s wearing cut offs, Converse low-tops and a sweat stained shirt that is clearly on its way out.

One particular morning, I saw him coming and maybe it was the heat of the morning or just waking up out of a long Ohio winter … but this song was on the radio and I swear it matched his moves… like something out of a 70s movie, for just a minute he was running towards me, with the breakdown of this tune in the soundtrack of his mind and mine:

Whoooaaaa … almost ran through that red light!

(As it turns out, the guy running is actually Dan Auerback OF the Black Keys, Akron’s current love child(ren).  Who knew I would ever be 36 and star struck?)

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